"The services which "American Veterans Aid" provided my 91 year old mother, at no cost to her and her family, has given her the financial opportunity to live in a private assisted living facility for the next 5 years. Without the VA Death Benefit pension which American Veteran Aid so aptly assisted in obtaining for her, she would have exhausted all her funds in two and a half years and either have had to go to a Medicaid facility or I and my siblings would have had to fund the cost of her private assisted living facility. I can't say enough great things about the American Veterans Aid organization. They knew exactly how to prepare the necessary VA paperwork required to get benefit approval in the shortest time. They are a godsend to any veteran and/or their family."
- Ann

"Jake Lowrey is the reason that Mom is receiving aid for her past military service. David was professional and very accommodating through every stop of the process. Mom now has peace of mind as far as her finances go all due to aid that she did not even know existed prior to meeting Jake. Thank you for your awesome assistance and guidance from both of us. We recommend you highly. Thank you again."
- Steve

"We would never have known about this VA benefit my father was entitled to -- if it weren't for Jake Lowrey. Jake also advised us on filling out the necessary paperwork, and made the application process simple and quick. My dad was fully approved for his benefit in 3 1/2 months. We are very grateful to david and everyone at American Veteran Aid."
- Caroll

"Jake was so patient in answering my many emails, phone calls, and myriad of questions. For what seemed like (and was!) a very complicated process, Jake was able to help us sort through all the details, make the necessary financial transactions, understand the qualifying criteria, and complete the application process. Of course, the best part of the process was that of a positive outcome. The benefits my brother is now receiving will help his life to be a little better -- less of a financial burden and able to attain the assistance and care he now so desperately needs. All of this would never have been possible without the assistance of Jake Lowrey, and we will be forever grateful for his help."
- Nancy

"We have been trying to get my Dad to apply for several years. He wouldn't, thought it was too much trouble and in the end wouldn't' be worth it. After attending a workshop at his senior living community he finally applied. The benefits he received makes it possible for him to continue to be independent. He was so worried his savings would run out. PVA is a wonderful program and it is a blessing to older Vets and POWs. Thank you, Jake. This is a wonderful service."
- Gene

"My mother had been a widow for seven years before suffering a stroke in June, 2007. Her sole income is Social Security. Faced with having to sell her farm over 100 miles away and settling in a costly assisted living environment, Mom's funds would have been exhausted within four years. Thanks to the able and professional assistance of Mr. Jacob Lowreyr, of American Veteran Aid, Mom was able to qualify and be awarded VA entitlement to Aid and Assistance. The award enables her to many more years of assisted living, in addition to being able to have uninterrupted insurance and health care."
- Becky and Family

"These remarkable people stepped in at a time in our lives when things could not seem more bleak! The cost of medical bills, prescriptions, and 24-hour care for my husband was draining our resources, and draining my energy and spirit. The kindness and compassion shown to us truly honored, not only my husband, but, indeed, our entire family. We were never made to feel embarrassed or ashamed for needing help. The caring way we were treated and the guidance and support we received, must have come from angels on earth! God Bless you all! And thank you!"
- Megan

"Without this program my mother would never have known about this benefit. She probably would not have been able to live a lifestyle that she earned and deserved in her later years because of the cost. I can't thank you enough for all that you did. She can enjoy her day without worrying about where she is going to live and also having enough to pay for medicine and other essentials."
- Scott

"What a fabulous service you are offering for veterans and their widows! This truly made the difference in my mother's quality of life after my dad passed away. it was almost too good to be true, but it happened. Thank you both for the wonderful service you provide to those who made ultimate sacrifices. We are most grateful and appreciative for the outstanding service and will try to spread the word to everyone we know."
- Diane

"We appreciate greatly the effort put forth to help my brother get his benefit. It was greatly needed and we had no idea it was there for him until we attended the workshop at the nursing home. Thank you very much. May God bless you and your family and your efforts to help other veterans and widows to get their benefits."
- Sue

"The staff of American Veteran Aid were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The provided detail information and instructions for my mother and us to complete the application. They painstakingly spent time go over "what to do" and "what to expect" from the application process and was helpful in getting the application completed and turned in to Veterans Affairs on a timely basis. Whenever I had a question, they were quite prompt to return a call. Because of their help, my mother is receiving fund to offset the expenses incurred due to her physical limitations. I hope many more veterans and spouses of veterans are eligible for this program."
- Anthony and Vicki

"I owe you guys the world! I came to Jake after my son had passed and asked for your help in receiving Veterans benefits for a widow, not thinking I would receive a dime. Within 4 months I was awarded the full benefit of $1056.00 and am now able to stay at my home i've made at Sunbury Village. Without this money I would have had to move out. You guys are great and Jake did exactly what he told me he was going to do and more. If I wouldn't have received this benefit I would have had to move out, I don't know what I would have done. God bless you and thank you."
- Phyliss

"I wanted to thank you from our entire family for all the work you have done for us. We listened to everything that you told us to do and now my father is receiving the full benefits of $1644.00 a month. He also just received a check for over 15k in the reimbursement money, he couldn't be happier."
- Stephen

"I wanted to let you know that Millie has received her benefits already, It only took 45 days! You were great with everything you helped ud with and my mom is so appreciative! We received the 1st check for the full $1056.00 and this will help greatly in paying for her assistive care, you are the best!"
- Julie

"Your organization provided generous, assured and professional guidance at a very difficult time as my family tried to care for our elderly and fragile parents. Without the expert over-site you provided I am certain we would be still be lost in the maze of the veteran administration's proceedural machinations. The sense of relief we experienced as everything you said came true is priceless. I would recommend you to everyone! Thanks."
- Paul

"I had started this process by myself and waited over 8 months with no results. I meet Jake at his seminar and confronted him with our situation. He started helping us right away and within 60 days we were awarded the benefits. My parents are now receiving $1949.00 for the rest of their lives. I just wanted to say thank you and if anyone has doubt in working with American Veterans Aid, they need not to! Thanks again."
- Mike

"Thank you!!!! I had previously started working with another company is processing my claim for Veterans benefits and didn't get anywhere. I met with American Veterans Aid and they handled all of our problems. We received benefits within 90 days and life is good! Thanks again to their team we appreciate what they do."
- Barb

"I can't thank you enough for what you have done for my brother. It was a long process working with the VA but you were always their for me. I must have called you a hundred times and you always responded with kindness and patients. My brother is now receiving full benefits every month and is making the payment at Paradise Park more affordable for us. I can't express how thankful I am for all your help, thanks again."
- Velma

Just wanted to let you know that Mark received the check ($13,000+) from the VA for the retroactive part of his father's Aid and Attendance monies that they were holding. Thanks for everything - you made dealing with the government not quite so cumbersome! Mark and his brother are really grateful for all the help and advice you gave us in getting through this.
- Cindy

"Every family that you have helped have nothing but good things to say about you, and with good reason...I know the amount of time you spend with families and you go over and above what you should. I know that your efforts don't go without notice, many of the residents that you have help have received their benefits in 3 months. In the past, eligible residents waited 8months to a year before they received their benefits. You have been a valuable asset to the Arbors and to me. I hope to strengthen our relationship because I really feel that you can help many people and I hope to be part of that effort. Thanks again for everything and I look forward to seeing you soon."
- Susy
Marketing/Admissions Director

"Jake, just a quick note to let you know that my mother received a deposit in her account for 7 months of benefits - thanks for all your help - I hope it is ok to refer people to you because I did give your name to a friend, should you hear from her! thanks again!"
- Kathy

"I would like to let you know how much my Dad and I appreciate every thing Jacob Lowrey did to help my Dad with his veterans pension. Jacob was always there to help. If my Dad had any questions and called, Jacob would call that same day or early the next morning. We never had to wait or worry. When Jacob was with another veteran at the Arbors, where my Dad lives and my Dad wanted to talk to him about something, even if it was just a story about being on board his ship, Jacob would smile and make time to see him. He always knew all the people he worked with by name. If it were not for Jacob and his patients and caring in helping, my Dad would be lost. We are so greatful for him and want others to know how kind, considerate and helpful he is to everyone. Please know you have a wonderful person helping people in need."
- Christine and Forrest

"Jacob Lowrey recently came in to our residence and spoke to our residents (Veterans and Widows of Veterans) about the Aid and Attendance pension. They explained everything very well, educating all of our Veterans. After explaining the outreach program they consulted with every Veteran/widow of Veteran on a one on one basis, and have continued to be in contact with me, giving me updates on the progress. I would recommend their services to all Veterans and Widows so they can have the opportunity to receive this great benefit they deserve."
- Laura
Activities Director
Meadowmere Assisted Living

"Jacob came to me after mass one evening and asked if I would be interested in him coming to the church to hold a workshop for our Veterans/Widows to possibly help them to receive a pension, I said sure. I posted it in our weekly bulletin and three weeks later we held the workshop in the lower level of our church. We had 15 Veterans/Widows show and he is currently helping 12 of them in receiving the pension. I think its a great program and all who served our country deserves this blessing."
- Fr. Steve
St. Judes Catholic Church

"Our Senior Center was interested in doing something for the Veterans of our community, so we contacted American Veterans Aid. Jake had told me what the program was all about, helping Veterans to receive an income to help them pay for medical expenses. The following week we posted that we would be having the seminar and the week after we held it. It was a great success, Jake was great and the Vets were happy."
- Donna
Middleton Senior Center

More testimonials available if you would like to read them by request.